Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

False Slopes

If you zoom in on a curve enough, you can convince yourself the line is straight. Similarly, if you only look at the average value of a sine or cosine curve, you may mistake the functions for constant functions going through the horizontal axis, when they are anything but constant.

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Think of the last time you did something for fun. Not for work, not because you felt like you “needed” to. Instead, doing an activity with the pure intention of enjoying yourself as much as possible. It may have been a new sport, or a creative pursuit. What mattered was that it was something completely different than your regular schedule, and was just done for the joy and curiosity of trying a new activity.

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Cold-Hearted Science

If you read nearly any kind of literature in the past few centuries, you may notice an interesting pattern. In many of them, the concept of science is looked down upon, as if science is something to be disdained. Instead of being heralded as one of the most important endeavours in human history, a common thread people attach themselves to is that of the mystery-killer.

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Future vs. Present You

Each day, you make a bunch of different choices. Most of them will have some sort of impact on you, both your present and future self. By making a certain choice, “each” self will be affected, so it makes sense that both “iterations” of you will be considered in the decision. However, we both know this isn’t what happens. Most of the time, you’ll make a decision that I can even predict: it’ll be the one that serves your present needs more readily, with little regard to your “future” self. Often, your future self may not even register within your mind.

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