Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.


Looking at mass media, it’s extremely easy to make the mistake that the world is concrete and definite, that there are absolute causes to issues. Furthermore, there’s the even more prevalent idea that if there are absolute causes to a phenomena, we are certain of knowing them.

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An Informed Decision

It’s nice to think you’re bucking the trend, and taking the route less traveled. Just because that person asserted a fact, why should I believe them? If we are all supposed to have freedom of thought and expression, what makes their assertion any more valid than my explanation?

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Will You Choose to Act?

Before making this decision, you have to open your eyes to see that choice.

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Improvement is Not a Race

In a race, there can be a winner and a bunch of losers. This is because of one simple fact: everyone starts at the same line, at the same time.

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