Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

Are You Sure?

I’ve always been interested in a particular teaching technique that I think of as the “deception”. I’m sure you’ve experienced this sort of technique before, where it goes something like this:

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Often, we fear changing our minds on ideas because we don’t want to seem like we aren’t solid in our opinions and beliefs. It’s as if we think people will dislike us because we don’t stick with our beliefs when they are challenged. In popular culture, there’s no better example than politicians in debates, who will never sway from their beliefs1.

  1. Personally, I don’t see how we can continue calling these events “debates”. In my eyes, a debate means a place in which one party should present arguments that are so strong that they sway their opponent. However, this obviously never happens. 

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Ask any scientist or mathematician, and this is the quality that they would love their solution to have. They want the result to be elegant, simple, and intuitive.

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Are You Willing to be Mediocre?

At first glance, the answer would be, “no”. However, giving that answer would be missing the point.

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