Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

Full Explanation

What is the one thing in mathematics or physics you feel completely comfortable with? In other words, which concept do you find you have grasped to such a degree that you’re able to get a good grasp on any problem concerning it? For myself, the mathematic concept that I feel pretty comfortable with is the idea of tangent lines and planes to certain functions (multivariable or not). I’m not saying that I understand a problem within three seconds, but I’m generally able to figure out the solution without too much difficulty. In physics, the concept I’m comfortable with is waves. I’m able to write equations for the wave-like motion of various objects and phenomena, and I’m good at extracting information out of them. Therefore, that would be my most comfortable area at the moment.

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Taking Out The Pencil

I’ve already mentioned this before, but there are more and more high-quality shows and sites on science and mathematics out there. Whether it’s popular science like what you’d find on Nautilus, or mathematics channels like 3Blue1Brown, there’s a lot of potential to learn science and mathematics in a way that is both informative and beautiful.

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Alternative Perspectives

Imagine I had a block of aluminium and I asked you to describe it to me.

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Interconnecting Histories

Through secondary school, I had to take history classes. During them, I learned the history of Canada, and how there were a bunch of important wars, conflicts, and political moves that brought us to where we are today. I took classes on this for four years, and throughout all of it, the theme was the same: war between the French, British, and the native Americans, and how both the French and British flourished while taking over from the native Americans (something that is often only brushed upon in school, which is odd since it really is a place for ripe ethical debate).

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