Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

Giving Good Scientific Presentations

If you’re like me, you dreaded presentations in school. Not only were they nerve-wracking because you had to speak to a large group of people, but you also didn’t really know what to say. You ended up muddling through the presentations, never doing an amazing job.

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Take What You Can

When I was younger, I wanted to understand everything that was taught to me in class. If the teacher presented it, I wanted to understand it. I was determined to get everything. This extended throughout my secondary and undergraduate education, where I made sure I could do everything that was asked of me.

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Sharing Your Research

Here’s a question for you: How do you describe your research?

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Beautiful Pictures Stuck in our Heads

Ask a mathematician or physicist to explain their work to you, and chances are you will hear them use the word “beautiful” at some point. This could reference an equation, a proof technique, an entire theory, or even just a nice piece of logic. They can talk to you for hours about this topic, explaining it in full detail with more enthusiasm than a lifelong sports fan.

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