Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

Just Give Me the Formula

I’m trying to help my brother with his mathematics homework, and I find he’s struggling to understand what he should do. I try to nudge him in the right direction (without giving him the answer, of course), but he shrugs off my help. Frustrated because he knows I have the answer, he tells me, “Just give me the formula. That’s all I need.”

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The Guarantee

Like many young endurance athletes, I aspire to be competitive to the point that I can actually win races. In my mind, I feel like as soon as I can get to that point, I will have become a “real” competitive runner instead of this sub-par one that I am at the moment.

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This happens to everyone:

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Ion Drives and Rockets

Most spacecrafts use chemical rocket engines to propel themselves around in space. Spacecrafts use chemical rockets because they produce a high impulse, which is the change in momentum produced in a given amount of time. Therefore, these engines don’t have to run for long, since they can generate the needed force to move quite quickly. The energy produced from the chemical combustion is great, but the time the reaction goes on is relatively short.

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