Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

Advice on Advice

Most of the time, it’s used as a crutch. Instead of actually seeking a person’s advice and acting on it, we tend to look for more advice, as if the first person didn’t offer enough. We then move from person to person, trying to understand the situation from more angles. Unfortunately, this strategy only results in paralysis.

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What are you doing every day to improve yourself in your chosen discipline?

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One of the professions in which I hold in highest esteem is that of the teacher. A good teacher is simply the best tool for the development of children. A fantastic teacher can truly shape the future of a student in ways that both the student and the teacher cannot even imagine. Because of this, being a teacher is a big responsibility; not only to teach students the material that they are fluent in, but also to probe students’ interests and attempt to find what they would be adept at. Then, a great teacher will push the students in the proper direction to further each students’ goals.

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Walking in Circles

When we don’t have a reference object in our environment, it can be extremely difficult to navigate in a straight line. Somewhat surprisingly, research shows that people will generally end up walking in circles, despite being instructed to walk in a straight trajectory. Said differently: the participants thought they were walking in a straight line, even though they were quickly dissolving into circular patterns. The hypothesis for this tendency includes a lack of directional cues as a source of this difficulty to walk in a straight line.

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