Jeremy Côté


Building up the Work

It’s a slow, painful beginning. At first, every day is just a struggle to finish. The number of pieces you’re creating is small, and not particularly good. Essentially, this stage is all about building the habit.

However, at one point, you’ll suddenly find yourself completing the work – not with ease, necessarily – but without the grand effort that was once required of you. Instead, you’ll be more focused on your message, not on just putting in the time. You may even notice your work improve relative to your past efforts. This is the marker of progress.

Then, the objective is simply to work. Building up the work is most important. This won’t be accomplished in days, weeks, or even months. To build up the work that matters to you, the most important factor is time. If you want to see results, you need to be willing to invest the time in years. At that point, you’ll begin to have enough work to show some results.

Remember, building up the work is a slow journey, until suddenly you have enough work to make it meaningful.