Jeremy Côté



If you zoom in enough, any curve can look straight.

Think about being on a curve that traces a circle. You’re at a specific point. Now, imagine just moving a little bit along that curve, taking an infinitesimally small step. You’ve barely moved. In fact, it may look like you’re not going to move in a circle at all. It may seem like you’re just moving straight, that you aren’t turning at all.

This is the trouble with zooming in too far with your goals. By analyzing one effort after another, it can seem like you didn’t accomplish much at all between yesterday and today. It can seem like you weren’t on a curve at all, but just a straight line.

However, that’s not true at all. You are moving, albeit slowly. From day to day, it doesn’t look like much. But as you put in the work every single day, you may suddenly look back and notice that you’ve moved along the curve much more than you thought. Just like the sense of surprise you feel after climbing a mountain for an hour and then turning around and looking where you came from, the change is gradual. It doesn’t happen in one go. Instead, it’s the culmination of hundreds of tiny efforts, all building up to the craft you want to master or the goal you want to achieve.

The key is to do the work, and trust that you’ve moving along the curve. Looking too closely at your effort from one day to the next will only disappoint you.

The most powerful work is done over a long time, until it’s just too good to be stopped.