Jeremy Côté



You have two choices when doubt comes your way.

One: You can panic, and let it control you. You can make rash decisions, not knowing what you’re doing because you’re just trying to make this feeling go away. Doubt can then easily control you and make you stray away from your goals and your dreams.


Two: You can accept the doubt, and confront it head on. This isn’t exactly easier than the first option, but it does give you control again. Doubt won’t go away, but it can sit in the background, away from your most important decisions. This way, you’re able to continue doing what you enjoy, even if the doubt is still there.

Make no mistake, you will be introduced to doubt at multiple points in your life. It’s a consequence of being a human in this world of ours. Once you’ve accepted this, you then can make the above choice. You can let it control you, or you can accept it and plow ahead. Both options are difficult while you experience them, but the latter allows you to continue without ruining your goals.

It may be painful at first, but it’s better than letting doubt control us.