Jeremy Côté


Advice on Advice

Most of the time, it’s used as a crutch. Instead of actually seeking a person’s advice and acting on it, we tend to look for more advice, as if the first person didn’t offer enough. We then move from person to person, trying to understand the situation from more angles. Unfortunately, this strategy only results in paralysis.

We end up searching for advice in order to not have to make a decision. We can then defend our acts, saying that we were simply looking for more balanced viewpoints. The problem is that this continues on forever, since there’s always something you haven’t considered. That’s the reality of life. We only have a small torch in a large cave, and at one point we have to make a decision and move in a direction.

Seeking advice, therefore, is more of a crutch than anything else. A recipe for paralysis.

If you still want to seek advice, choose one person to ask and stick with only that person. Once you’ve received their advice, don’t go searching for more. Instead, take what you now know and make a decision. The best choice is to decide, instead of procrastinating.

Remember, advice is supposed to help you make a decision. However, just like anything, too much of it isn’t a good thing. Take advice in moderation, and then focus on acting instead of weighing the positives and negatives of any decision.

I promise it will save a lot of stress.